Is the future of journalism alive and well?

It’s alive, it’s dynamic, and the future of journalism is stronger than ever despite what experts may believe.

Of course the main skill a journalist must know is how to write, but is that all there is to it? Is there more to being a journalist than writing? Many of us think its half the battle of journalism, yet many still believe that going after a story is still a vital part of getting it right. Having the skill to investigate is something that social networks cannot do. Sure the most breaking news posts long before the same news goes to print, but ultimately the journalist gets the story.

So do future journalists feel the competition of social networking overwhelming? A journalist in today’s world must combine the basic skills of journalism with digital age. Journalists are coping just fine with all the technology that is available. Today’s journalist is able to deliver the news in a snap with their own traits of what they know, and what they are still learning.

AllThingsD’s Karen Swisher, a former Washington Post employee says adapting to the new digital era doesn’t mean scrapping the old ways of journalism. Storytelling and accuracy is still vital in journalism, without it, the story is dull and uninteresting.

There are skeptics like Tony Rogers who wrote an article for ABOUT.COM saying print is dying and in just a few years the newspaper will be all but gone.

Of course for the most part this is just a theory and the future of journalism is alive and well.


About Angela Lavallee

I am a screenwriter and a journalist all rolled into one happy creative peep. Age is just a number. I am all about family and good friends. I have a dog and a cat who get along fine. #myth
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